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“FLYING VIOLETS” Linocut by the late Jane Matteson

“FLYING VIOLETS” Linocut by the late Jane Matteson

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“FLYING VIOLETS” Linocut by the late Jane Matteson 


  • This piece comes in varying shades of blue, purple, and aqua on thin linen paper.
  • The State proof is signed Jane Leigh and dated 5/70. Leigh was her middle name. 
  • Each piece varies in color from blue-black, blue, aqua, and shades of purple.
  • Some have a blurry effect to due the layering of the various color plates


  • Paper: Approx. 18"W x 19.5"H (paper varies in size)
  • Art: 13"W x 13"H



  • Vintage condition.
  • Some paper sizes are a little larger.
  • Some paper has bends, wrinkles, and smudges.
  • Note that all art in the collection is between 50-74 years old and will have imperfections due to age and storage conditions.


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